More than just a pretty interface.

Hello! My name is Julie Ho and I'm a Prouct Designer living in Cambridge, MA. If you're looking to work with a versatile and motivated designer, let's get in touch!

Featured Projects

Yesware Meeting Scheduler

A case study about how my personal hackathon project turned into a product feature that shaped the company's product strategy.

UI/UX, web app, productivity

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IBM Watson Patient Synopsis

AI trained web application that equips Diagnostic Radiologists with relevant clinical history. I led the user experience and user interface efforts and was a supporting role in the user research.

healthcare, UI/UX, web app

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Guiding Account Admins

By providing the right information at the right time for the users, Yesware's weekly support tickets decreased by 16 percent.

UI/UX, web app, customer support

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Time Entry UI Refresh

I led the project for the user interface refresh project for ClickTime's core pages and as well as contributed to the front-end implementation.

UI/UX, enterprise web app, pair programming

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Personas Workshop

I planned and conducted the internal workshop at ClickTime that resulted in the creation of high-level personas built around user needs, motivations, and pain points.

user research, workshop, presentation, personas

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ClickTime Style Guide

I championed visual consistency and UI modernization at ClickTime through the creation and development of their first internal style guide and UI components library.

UI, visual design, front-end dev, style guide

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Sputnik Mobile Fitness App

After struggling to find a fitness app that I liked, this became a design exercise for myself to envision my ideal fitness app.

mobile app, UI/UX, visual design

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USPS Banking Simplified™

If USPS branched into a banking system, what would it look like, how would it work, and who would use it? This project explores my solutions for these questions.

UI/UX, interaction design, industrial design

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Bootlegger's Far Out IPA

The former IPA beer label was in need of major makeover. Being a beer enthusiast myself, I was excited when I was asked to create the new look of this groovy, hoppy beer!

graphic design, packaging, FMCG, beer!

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Hack Congress Website

This is a passion project of a friend who asked me to designed the website, logo, and the style guide.

UI/UX, visual design, branding, logo

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Oh My Words! Virtual Game

My husband Peter and I wanted to build virtual version of one of our favorite board games to make available for family and friends (and others) to play during the Quarantine of 2020.

UI/UX, gaming, for fun

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My Values

Respect Everyone

Considering other perspectives can only result in diverse and creative options to explore.

Never Stop Learning

Inside and outside the office, I'm constantly asking questions and seeking more knowledge.

Share & Move Fast

Never be afraid to collaborate, share, and offer suggestions and execute when there is an opportunity.

Stay Open

Design is all about people and shouldn't be treated as an isolated activity or single thought.

Travel Often

Exploring our world helps me cultivate new ways of thinking and embrace the unfamiliar.

Do The Best You Can

This one has been ingrained since childhood and has become my mantra. Thanks dad!